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About Us


Meet  Markos Valerio, from  Las Vegas, NV. Markos was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV and continues to seek his entrepreneurship in the great city. 


Markos has always been a person for social gatherings and events. He has a passion for event decor and incorporating aesthetic details and touches. Markos Started his journey through school functions, family functions, and eventually started selling craft items such as cups, t-shirts, gift boxes. With the help of the Valerio/Lujan family, we’ve been able to create something even more special than ever before. We’ve made our small business company into a family business. We believe in creating a bigger family and enjoying each other's company. 

Markos and the Lujan Luxury Events & Co LLC Team take high quality in creating unforgettable events to make your memories priceless 

Markos has consistently thrived in social gatherings and events, fueled by his fervor for event decor and the infusion of artistic nuances. His journey commenced with school functions and family gatherings, evolving into the sale of craft items like cups, t-shirts, and gift boxes. Thanks to the Valerio/Lujan family's support, we've cultivated something truly extraordinary. Our small business is a tight-knit family, as we are dedicated to expanding our family and cherishing each other's companionship.

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